Need some nice place to visit during the summer? Guess what we know some awesome sunny eats!! For an example you NEED to visit Rosendals Garden when in Stockholm!! (PS. eat the carrot cake expensive yes but oh so much frosting just the way we like it)


They are like food decoration jedis also want to have a garden where you can eat everything just look at the roses on this cardamon cake!!


Uppsala Library hides this little summer gem where you can eat grilled sourdough with halloumi and avocado

skagen (1)

And in the botanical garden they have another kafé that haves awesome lunches don´t miss the Skagen mäckish with truffle and the mazarin cake!!


In our other hometown Lund you can eat great ice cream in all imaginable flavors if you take the bike to Lomma Beach


Ocean we love u

Smörgås (1)

Bergianska Garden is so fantastic could spend hour in this huge park bring some picnic or visit the cute green house for some green sandwiches just look at this one with feta creme artichoke beet sprouts and pumpkin seeds


Green houses makes the best cafés almost like light churches!!

casual2 copy

Fell in love with double cheese burgers in the US and Casuals buttery brioche filled with juicy meat is the best we found so far in Skåne


Do you have any secret summer gems? Tell us!!

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