Ok so the battle of the Temla is on this is no. 4 ate 20 one last year so it has just begun for those who might have missed the worlds best pastry this is a Swedish cardamon bun filled with almond paste and fuck loads of cream eaten like this that nowadays exist in like at thousands fusions like semel hotdog, semel nachos, semel burger, semel wrap, chocolate semla, berry semla you name it they semeled it but please kids don´t mess with the semla it became a classic for a reason.

IMG_20180126_150840_035 copy

So far the best semlor we had this year are from Broder Jakobs in Lund. Rustique with finess, fluffy and juicy bun without being soggy with a nice note of cardamon, cream so lightly whipped it can be to still hold up which we really love heavily whipped cream is the worst and perfectly sweet and almond paste with some chunks to add some nice crunch to it plus it´s pretty cheap!!




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