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We hope that you all had an great food end on 2017 and a even greater start of 2018 doesn’t 8 sound way better than 7 so much more feng shui?!

However looking back 2018 will have a hard job to overdo what 2017 delivered heres is a recap of our crazy but oh so exciting year:


Spent lots of summer days in the Swedish archipelago bathing grilling drinking wine and walking around barefoot concluded that there is nothing like Swedish Skagenröra and learned that everything that can be done one the grill with meat is 10 times better done with veggies eat more corn with butter kids!!


At the end of summer we did a lot of crazy California adventures hiking in red wood forests boating Tahoe meeting wild mustangs and drinking lost of wine in Napa Valley concluded that Swedish pancakes is so much better than American and learned that dessert wine is actually amazing!!


Were home in Lund some weeks of fall doing everything we missed like eating local greens from the farmers markets visiting our favorite cafes for Swedish fika had a gastro experience on Snapphane and cooked a lot of comfy food concluded that Inkognito makes the worlds best truffle tarte and learned that restaurants are great but that we really missed having a proper kitchen of our own!!


Went back to the US and an intense life filled with restaurants and road trips in LA and San Francisco concluded that we really love street food and learned that California has an amaze range of food from all kitchens of the world!!


Arrived home to Sweden just in time for Christmas and had a couple of lovely days in Uppsala and Stockholm with home made food and family which we both missed so much concluded that home made vört with aged cheese and saffron bun is the best brekkie ever and learned that traditions becomes traditions for a reason!!

THANK YOU 2017 AND LET´S GO 2018!!

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