Well we think you will be very happy the last hours of 2017 if you make this very easy but still so elegant and most importantly crazy good menu!! (+ Its without meat cause a green 2016 is one our promise for 2018 you should to because we can save the world and still eats loads of healthy and amaze food)

Could eat Skagen for starter always love it forever. Add a little bit of horse radish it makes all the difference promise. This is what you need for a classic Toast Skagen:

4 dl fresh shrimps

1/2 dl dill

0.5 dl grated horse radish 

0.5 dl majo 

1 msk lemon juice

4 slices of nice bread (we prefer brioche or sourdough)

1 dl roe 

0.5 cucumber 

0.5 red onion 

1 dl chives 

Dill for garnish 

Slices of lemon for garnish 

Mix shrimps, lemon, dill and horse radish. Taste with salt and pepper. Add majo. Chop cucumber, red onion and chive and mix to a salad. Fry the bread until golden in to much butter. Top the toast with the shrimp majo. Decorate with the salad, lemon and dill.


Everybody ofc wants to eat lobster on New Years eve but no one wants to spend all new years eve in the kitchen cause you want to be with your friends and drink to much bubbles so what to do?! LOBSTER PASTA!! This is all you need:

1 lobster

3 msk olive oil 

1 clove garlic

2.5 dl dry and fruity white wine

1 dl cream 

1 batch of ripe nice tomatoes

Lots of parmesan 

Fresh basil

Salt + pepper 

Split the lobster and take out all the meat. This is how its done. Cut the meat in to smaller pieces. Por oil in to a saucepan a heat to medium. Add  garlic then add the lobster meat for about a minute. Add wine and stir for about 3min. Then add the tomatoes and cream and stir gently for about 10 min until the tomatoes are soft and the sauce is beginning to thicken. Taste with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, boil the pasta in lots of water and salt until its al dente. Mix with the lobster sauce. Add more salt and pepper. Top with fuck loads of grated parmesan (do it with a cheese slicer for flakes its so much fancier) and fresh basil.


Decorate the table with lots of flowers i know said it before but important bought the last amaryllis for this year bye bye red


For dessert you can do this almond cake with salty caramel and raspberries. Did this cake for MAT MAGASINET and Dansukker. You can find the recipe here



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