The day before the day we always celebrate with Lobster and bubbles like best things in life there actually there were more than one lobster in the fairytale of Jesus

nyarsmat85re copy

But first things first before anything else we hang the Christmas tree while drinking bubbles and eating potato chips with smetana and the best roe (löjrom in Swedish remember that) this is like the best snack in the world promise you find Tastelines pic and recipe here


One bottle for us one bottle for the Christmas tree!!


There is no Christmas without fresh flowers in love with amaryllis also bought white tulips and eucalyptus so pretty together


The beauties are topped with quite a lot garlic butter with herbs thats melts in the oven and just make the lobster meat so so tender


Can´t get enough of them queen of flowers so majestic!!


Collect wine when out traveling it´s so luxurious to drink at times as these and remember nice stuff this white one we tried in Napa Valley this summer during a spectacular wine tour at Sterling even got to keep the Riedel glasses!!


Eat these divine little creatures with fries and an creamy avocado salad and don´t forget the bubbles important now Christmas eve can arrive


Since Sara collect seafood stuff we had to bring home this Christmas lobster from San Francisco to out Christmas tree!!


No one want to stand in the kitchen all Christmas so don´t do everything it will be amazing anyways instead of doing a fancy as fuck dessert you can homemade or bought sweets we did Pehrs rocky road with licorice dumle, pistachios, peanut and raspberry gelés and it was all one can wish for you find the recipe here thank you Pehr!!

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