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From us to all of you kids a very Merry Christmas!!

mutad rus

Eat Christmas porridge it´s the best here is an updated version of the traditional rice pudding greek yoghurt and black cherries adds freshness and the almond some awesome crunch this is what you need:

1 pkg Christmas porridge 

2 dl greek yoghurt 

2 dl cherries

1 msk vanilla 

1 dl roasted almond 

Maple syrup or honey 

Mix the cold porridge with the yoghurt. Taste with vanilla. Pour into small bowls and top with cherries and chopped almonds. Drizzle with syrup or honey.


Give a away something pretty to someone you love for an example a Smakbox because everybody needs food actually

20120938_10211457121397919_414840971_n copy

Cook a lot maybe pork with roasted potatoes Jerusalem artichoke pure red cabbage honey drizzled apples and gravy remember Christmas could be green!!


What is Christmas without candy? This is one of our favorits you can find Saras recipe for whites pralines with saffron here


In love with this smell Chrsitmas trees forever


Also drink some champagne and celebrate life joy and love please it awesome

saffran (1)

Saffron buns are also awesome so go out in the snow and have some Christmas FIKA!!

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