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So, spending this fall in Uppsala and would love to share some of my best places in exchange for your favorite eat and drinks fair right?!

To start with I always have buttery shrimp croissants with creamy egg and homemade majo with a glass of bubbles if I feel like it at Guntherska. Its a little bit pricy but so happy that I will start working just across the river!!

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Every weekend theres a little farmers market at Fyristorg where you can buy local products like eggs, green, bread, sweets, jam, lemonade and flowers. Be there early if you want the good stuff!!

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Uppsala has some nice burgers places with really good vegan options for us that prefer veggies for example Bastards burgers have insane vegan burgers and Guntherska knows their fries important crisp!!

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Uppsala also have a good grocery called Nehlins who specialize in greens and veggies. they also have a big selection of cheeses and basically those two things are all I need!!

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As you might have noticed I love pizza like I was carrying a pizza baby and my greatest sorrow is that i can not find any decent pizza in Uppsala so if you know were I should go raise your hand and I will be forever pregnant!! This one is a black caviar and seafood pizza with mozzarella from Luthagens kök but i was not 100% happy with the seafood, crust or amount of cheese that one had to much cheese on it sad no one like ever!!

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Always try to take a walk in Botaniska Garden to see what the greens and flowers been up to. These grapes to will be ready in a prosecco!!

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This is mys life saver, always. Yukikos sushi in Eriksberg serves the best sushi ever. Why I think its so damn good I dont really know but its something with the simplicity, the smooth salmon the always so perfect avocado and the giant makis that makes this sushi to an addiction. Make sure to order the tuna/ majo maki and the fried tofu called inari!!

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I do not eat out much when in Uppsala so I would really need some dinner tips!! However, if having a girl night out we often go to Plock to eat tapas and have som drinks but basically the real reason is because they have amaze fries!!


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And so new adventures begins and instead of San Francisco this fall Im leaving Skåne and moving to Uppsala for a landscape architecture internship . So excited but ofc there is a lot of thing that I will miss to death and just had to do one last time last week in Lund and Malmö!!



 Broder Jakobs bakes the best buttery sugary cardamon buns so ofc I had to have one (always ask for the palest because Im in to doughy yes) and a oat milk cappuccino for rainy Monday brekkie!!

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I think Saltimporten serves the best lunch in Malmö so love took me to Nyhamnen by vesla and we had the lamb dish ever and I don´t even eat meat!! Will dream about these creative geniuses all fall!!

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Also had to visit my favorite cafe Inkognito they make the best salt caramel chocolate cake in the world promise!! Also ty the banoffee pie!! And the grilled sandwiches!!

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Never really liked the any of the sushi places in Skåne and after my new Poke crave from Lisbon I found out that there is a place on Kungsgatan in Lund that serves so fresh lunch bowls with tuna salmon cabbage slaw pineapple majo soy sauces and other good stuff for a really good price definitely a new go to whenever longing for raw fish sticky rice!!

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Will miss drinking bubbles with him the most so we did that like a lot!!

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Visited our local pizzeria La Cucina twice because Im totally and hopelessly in love with them and having their pizza baby this is pizza del mese with taleggio mozzarella salmi dolce fresh figs walnuts and basil white pizzas forever!!




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Ok this might have been the most summery summer ever had vacay for three months and three months of sun freckles and summer food starting with our trip to Rome!!

Key words: Burrata Pasta Truffle Ice cream Red wine Pizza  Tiramisu Aperol

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Then we had a lovely June with lots of summers greens berries and other fresh stuff and also a fantastic midsummer with all of the amaze food of summer Sweden!!

Key words: Cherries Caprese Asparagus Strawberries New potatoes Herring Sour cream Smoked salmon browned butter Shrimps bellini rhubarb DILL OMG ALWAYS 

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Had a couple of amaze and hotter then hell weeks in Stockholm archipelago like 28 degrees in the ocean kids summerhouse I love you forever!!

Key words: Seafood Lazy cooking Fish White wine Yoghurt bowls Lazy cooking CHEESE TO EVERYTHING Strawberry campari Roe crisps with smetana my fav snack all times

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After spending enough time chillaxing we roadtriped Poland and visited Krakow Gdansk and Sopot so much street art cheap food and tall multi flavored soft cream!!

Key words: Gnocchi Cheap as fuck beer Pierogi Tricky to be vegetarian Smoked cheese and Mc Flurry Daim no shame

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Lastly we spent one great week in Lisbon eating so much cool food drinking drinks and walking the beautiful tiled hilly streets and cooled down in the oceanic ocean!!

Key words: Natas Mojito Octopus Tahini falafel Sangria Tacos Tequila Hummus Green wine Basil ice cream Pina colada




So we went to Lisbon and since we had such a great time we thought we should share our best eat and drinks so you can avoid one week of grilled fish and boiled potatoes with the rest of the tourist of Lisbon the city have so much more to offer!!

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Basics first when in Lisbon you should just walk walk and walk there is so many beautiful walls wine bars and cafes. But there is a reason for Lissabon being called little San Francisco so if to hot or to hilly you should also catch one of the trams especially line 28 is a experience in it self because of the deep slopes and really narrow beautiful streets!!

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Portugals most famous local food is the white fish called Bacalao. It is served in all kind of forms for example as a very taste fried appetizer that I really recommend as a afternoon by the ocean or the rocks of Cascais beer snack!!

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Lisbon is the jedi of cans basically you can buy all the seafood you can imagine as long as you buy it in a can. They even have their own restaurant in direct connection to there store only offering canned goods ofc!!

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There are a lot of good restaurant and bars in Lissabon. However most night time drinking is happening on the streets of Bairro Alto. Except that it is real cheap (like real real cheap in a not good for you kind of a way) it is also a nice way of taking part in the public life. Buy a way to big way to cheap plastic glas with beer, mojito or sangria and some local snacks to enjoy on a doorstep or a stair. Me I always have fried squids with lemon and aioli whenever snack attacking!!



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Lisbons most famous cake is the Portuguese vanilla egg tartes called Natas. The best ones are found outside the city in Belem. Although quite a walk along the coast side and quite a queue to get in to the bakery these gorgeous little ladies are well worth the effort. Warm creamy and powdered with cinnamon and sugar new addiction hello (imported 2 packages to Sweden to be on the safe side!!)

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Visited two Michelin star chef Jose Avillez first restaurant Cantinho da Alvillez. Had one of the signature dishes grilled octopus with cilantro tomatoes and mashed sweet potato with Avillez own white project wine JA and yes died twice!!

Skärmavbild 2018-08-24 kl. 13.46.13



Walking in 35 degrees demands ice cream and loads of it so we visited the Italian gelateria Nannarella three times and their ice cream was better then in Rome what tiramisu peach salted caramel dark chocolate and a basil flavor that you guys have to try promise tasted just like a dessert mozzarella caprese!!

Skärmavbild 2018-08-28 kl. 12.31.54

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La Tantura serves the freshest comfy food ever pita falafel, shakshuka and all kinds of tahini hummus. Also the location is so cosy feels like sitting in someone that serves very good mojitos living room went here more than once but thats a secret schhh!!


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Pop cereal cafe serves just as fun as crazy bowl of your choice of cereals cookies and candy. Like if that was not enough you can also add your own flavor of milk, whipped cream or ice cream to your insane creation!!





If you want to try Lisbons (or according some even the world best chocolate cake) you should visit Landeau Chocolate. If your a cool kid go to the location at LX Factory so that you can enjoy loads of cool stuff like street art burgers hipster coffee and local crafts at the same time!!



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Famous chef Niko has created a very popular little fine dining restaurant where the giant ceiling octopus is the main star however the sharing concept dishes focusing on seafood, especially ceviche surprise suprise are just as pretty as they are good!! Just remember to be their early or to sign up to the list and wait for your table while enjoying one or two piscos in the window bar!!

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Everything from the tacos to the drinks and interior at this place breaths of the streets. Our fav was the beer fried fish taco with mango and red cabbage and don´t forget the way to good tequila and mezcal drinks (try the one with green apple and cinnamon wow!!). This is coolest place in Lisbon atm so be there early or prepare to line up (they offer nachos and drinks for free while waiting tough important fact!!) PS. Watch out for the really hot salsas they will tell you they are hot and they mean it!! DS.


Hope that you found the guide helpful and remember to always do your home work before traveling to find out where the best places are its so worth the extra time promise. Also if you want to visit the best places there will be other people there who aslo think or heard that they are the best places so be early or enjoy the queue.

Rule of the foodies: FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!


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OK so roaded Poland last week starting with Krakow and it was just like this picture urban colorful and inviting!!

Skärmavbild 2018-07-29 kl. 15.20.45

First dinner I had polish gnocchi with truffle cream and chanterelles enough said right?!

Skärmavbild 2018-07-29 kl. 15.21.22

As a rookie landscaper I really love cities that practices happy grafitti!!

Skärmavbild 2018-07-29 kl. 15.21.08

Also had the polish speciality pierogi which is similar to a dumpling or ravioli but yes Polish I had the veggie version with sauerkraut and chanterelles topped with butter fried onion and shallot!!

Skärmavbild 2018-07-29 kl. 15.33.04

Next stop was Gdansk which is and old and very beautiful Hansa city!!

Skärmavbild 2018-07-29 kl. 15.21.34

For dinner we visited the amazing Prologue which served modern European dishes with a twist loved everything from the start to the end!!

Skärmavbild 2018-07-29 kl. 15.34.47

Visited the farmers market in Gdansk food hall just look at these apricots how could you not buy them!!

Skärmavbild 2018-07-29 kl. 15.40.47

Berry kiss it is!!

Skärmavbild 2018-07-29 kl. 15.40.10

Then we headed for the beaches of Sopot!!

Skärmavbild 2018-07-29 kl. 15.39.46

Visited a lovely little cafe with this pinata style decorations that I wanted to take home!!

Skärmavbild 2018-07-29 kl. 15.40.00

Then we found this crazy high ice cream flavored 50 mango 50 strawberry to end our trip thank you Poland we really liked you!!








Rosendals Garden in Stockholm is a dream this place is just inspiration all over

11694267_10205574555857457_485113156_n (1)

This smell bought a perfume with pure rose oil just to get closer to summertime and old fashioned rose gardens


Longing for coffee in the shade underneath the old apple trees eating home baked sourdough and drinking lemonade


Love these green little rooms like a maze


You have to eat all the amaze summer veggies for example you can cook this Asparagus risotto with basil oil loaded with spring like best dish ever so luxurious so simple (actually the secret is just to STIR !!) and you can do it with basically with anything just buy a good or at least pretty good olive oil because it makes all the difference promise this is what you need for 4 portions risotto: 

2 finely chopped shallots

1 dl olive oil

3 dl Carnaroli rice or Arborio rice

2 dl dry white wine

1 l hot chicken broth

2 dl grated parmesan

Salt + freshly ground black pepper

250 g of green asparagus

This is what you need for the Basil oil:

1 pot of basil

1.5 dl olive oil

1 garlic

Salt + freshly ground black pepper

Mix all the ingredients for the basil oil. Heat the broth in a saucepan. Chop the onion and fry thoroughly with olive oil on low heat without the onion taking color (choose a thick-bottomed pan tip!!). Raise the heat and add the rice. Mix and simmer for a few minutes. Pour on the wine and let it boil until the wine has evaporated. STIR ALL THE TIME NOTE!! Add the hot broth as the rice sucks the broth. Together it takes about 18-20 minutes – The risotto should be loose with a little kernel in the rice. Break the asparagus into smaller pieces and let it boil with the rest the last 3-4 minutes. Remove the saucepan from the heat, add the parmesan and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Taste with salt and pepper (fresh pepper makes all the difference of the earth!!).  Pour over the basil oil and serve right away!!



Skärmavbild 2018-07-03 kl. 22.11.27

Best thing about summer is all the green stuff like veggies fruits and berries we got loads of amazing dark cherries from Andreas grandparent thank you so much!! Here´s some easy tips of what to do with it all!!

Skärmavbild 2018-06-26 kl. 18.12.33

Pancake!! After living in San Francisco we have decided that American pancakes have nothing on a buttery thin Swedish one this one I did with Oatlys chocolate milk fried in browned butter and served with a mix of all the summer berries and both whipped cream and pecan caramel ice cream because the combo reminds me of my childhood and still feel so unreasonably to muchy!!

Skärmavbild 2018-07-03 kl. 22.11.49

Got so much to thank Elsa Beskow for so many beautiful summer memories with my grand mother so much inspiration for aesthetics and color and basically my choice  of education THANK YOU!!

Skärmavbild 2018-07-03 kl. 22.11.16

Im actually not a fan of salads but when its this crazy hot and when you put loads of good stuff together it´s OK this is salad from the garden burrata could die for burrata dark cherries olives leftovers of Andreas sourdough that makes the best crunch in the world when fried in loads of chili garlic and olive oil roasted almonds and a dressing of saffron browned butter and rosé pepper!! Mix veggies and fruits more in food kids it makes everything s much more fun to eat!!

Skärmavbild 2018-07-03 kl. 22.11.37

Usually Im not a fan of either eating (unless its semla or tiramisu)  or making (unless its pralines) dessert but since we had so beautiful berries I made a rhubarb pannacotta with vanilla cardamon that i topped with a crumble of burnt white chocolate and cherries!! Adding carmon to rhubarb makes its so much more exciting and the creamy dessert really needs the crunchiness from the white chocolate crumble!! Always think about contrast in flavor and texture!!

Rhubarb pannacotta with white chocolate and cardamon (6 port):

5 dl cream

75g  white chocolate 

3 arks of gelatine

4 msk rhubarb lemonade 

1 msk of cardamon 

Cherries for garnish 

25 g white chocolate for crumble 

Soak the gelatine in cold water. bring cream to boil and add the chocolate. Add the gelatine, lemonade and cardamon. Pour into glasses and chill for several hours. 

Chop the rest of the chocolate in to smaller pieces and grill in the oven at 200c until it gets color. Chop again in to smaller pieces. Decorate the pannacotta with the brunt crumble and cherries right before serving!!