Long weekend breakfast are one of our fav traditions so this is just us asking you kids not to through away bad bananas because actually bad bananas is the best bananas for making Banana Bonanza Bread and home baked bread is like the most precious thing you can own you can even put the browned bananas in the freezer if you´re not up for baking until the weekend then they will be ready whenever you feel for going bananas!! This is what you need:

2 ripe bananas
2 eggs
1 dl wheat flour
1 coconut flour
1 dl almond flour
1 dl yoghurt
1 tsk baking soda
1 tsk cinnamon
1 tsk cardamon
Pinch of sea salt
2 dates
0.5 dl chopped almonds

Pre heat the oven to 175 celsius. Mash the banana and mix with egg and yoghurt. Mix all the dry ingredients. Add the banana mix to the dry mix. Pour the dough in to a buttered form and sprinkle with almonds. Bake for 30-40 minutes or to the kitchen smells amaze


To make weekend morning something special we always try to buy some nice coffee to make it special drink it with Oatlys whole fat oat milk for Baristas always

Holding a new baked thick slice of a banana toast drizzling with fuck loads of melted butter is all you need, but since sometimes the more actually is the merrier, therefore we give you our favorite banana toast toppings:

Peanut butter + sliced fresh banana + honey – Salty meets sweet crunchy meets creamy and yes love happens!!

Almond butter + fresh dates + mint- Feeling a little bit tangy moroccan are we?

Nutella + roasted sesams + sea salt – Chocolate needs salt enough said!!

Mascarpone + raspberries + roasted coconut flakes – Who doesn´t love coconut?!

Cream cheese + blackberry marmalade – Our newest take and yes ofc its good


Saving food gives you money to other stuff like fresh flowers parrot tulips is a spring favorite almost always buy just white or lime colored flowers and play with leaves in different greens instead parenthesis yes







OK so maybe you know by now that this is one of our absolute favs in San Francisco


So ofc we had Saras bdays brekkie after doing japanese spaing in croissant heaven


Blood orange croissant bursting with a tangy custard and topped with burned meringue and mint so crisp buttery sweet and fresh at the same time!!




Also tried this mocha croissant with a rich filling of coffee and chocolate topped with cacao almost look like a dino!!


Try this one please passion fruit is always nice!!


Nothing more to say than VIVE LA TARTE

img_7148 copy

We hope that you all had an great food end on 2017 and a even greater start of 2018 doesn’t 8 sound way better than 7 so much more feng shui?!

However looking back 2018 will have a hard job to overdo what 2017 delivered heres is a recap of our crazy but oh so exciting year:


Spent lots of summer days in the Swedish archipelago bathing grilling drinking wine and walking around barefoot concluded that there is nothing like Swedish Skagenröra and learned that everything that can be done one the grill with meat is 10 times better done with veggies eat more corn with butter kids!!


At the end of summer we did a lot of crazy California adventures hiking in red wood forests boating Tahoe meeting wild mustangs and drinking lost of wine in Napa Valley concluded that Swedish pancakes is so much better than American and learned that dessert wine is actually amazing!!


Were home in Lund some weeks of fall doing everything we missed like eating local greens from the farmers markets visiting our favorite cafes for Swedish fika had a gastro experience on Snapphane and cooked a lot of comfy food concluded that Inkognito makes the worlds best truffle tarte and learned that restaurants are great but that we really missed having a proper kitchen of our own!!


Went back to the US and an intense life filled with restaurants and road trips in LA and San Francisco concluded that we really love street food and learned that California has an amaze range of food from all kitchens of the world!!


Arrived home to Sweden just in time for Christmas and had a couple of lovely days in Uppsala and Stockholm with home made food and family which we both missed so much concluded that home made vört with aged cheese and saffron bun is the best brekkie ever and learned that traditions becomes traditions for a reason!!

THANK YOU 2017 AND LET´S GO 2018!!


We hope that you all had an amazing new years eve with lots of love and bubbles also we hope that you follow the Swedish new years day tradition and have PIZZA. Lucky for us the pizzeria on our corner makes the worlds best pizzas the Bianca with pear and gorgonzola is insane promise!!


But if you live across THE PIZZERIA you can do the worlds best pizza yourself!! This is what you need for topping number one:

1 batch of pizza dough 

Tomato sauce not to much tough 

An handfull of Scampi 






Fresh basil 

Olive oil 

Salt + pepper 

Pre heat the oven to 225 c. Roll the dough to wished size and form. Bake for 5-10 min. Quickly fry the scampi olive oil, chili and garlic. Squeeze over some lemon juice in the end and add a pinch of salt. Take out the crust att top with a thin layer of tomato sauce (otherwise it will make a wet pizza and no one likes that). Top with scampi, clicks of mascarpone and grated parmesan. Bake for 10min more. Finish it off with som fresh basil. Drizzle with olive oil and add some salt and pepper.

pizza bianco

This is what you need for worlds best pizza topping number two:

1 batch of pizza dough 

Artichoke creme 







Fresh basil 

Olive oil 

Salt + pepper 

Pre heat the oven to 225 c. Slize the eggplant and salt it to drag out the water. Roll the dough to wished size and form. Bake for 5-10 min. Fry the eggplant in olive oil and garlic. Add som lemon juice at the end. Top the pizza with artichoke creme, eggplant, the cheeses and chopped almonds. Bake for 10min more. Top it of with basil, olive oil and some salt and pepper.




Well we think you will be very happy the last hours of 2017 if you make this very easy but still so elegant and most importantly crazy good menu!! (+ Its without meat cause a green 2016 is one our promise for 2018 you should to because we can save the world and still eats loads of healthy and amaze food)

Could eat Skagen for starter always love it forever. Add a little bit of horse radish it makes all the difference promise. This is what you need for a classic Toast Skagen:

4 dl fresh shrimps

1/2 dl dill

0.5 dl grated horse radish 

0.5 dl majo 

1 msk lemon juice

4 slices of nice bread (we prefer brioche or sourdough)

1 dl roe 

0.5 cucumber 

0.5 red onion 

1 dl chives 

Dill for garnish 

Slices of lemon for garnish 

Mix shrimps, lemon, dill and horse radish. Taste with salt and pepper. Add majo. Chop cucumber, red onion and chive and mix to a salad. Fry the bread until golden in to much butter. Top the toast with the shrimp majo. Decorate with the salad, lemon and dill.


Everybody ofc wants to eat lobster on New Years eve but no one wants to spend all new years eve in the kitchen cause you want to be with your friends and drink to much bubbles so what to do?! LOBSTER PASTA!! This is all you need:

1 lobster

3 msk olive oil 

1 clove garlic

2.5 dl dry and fruity white wine

1 dl cream 

1 batch of ripe nice tomatoes

Lots of parmesan 

Fresh basil

Salt + pepper 

Split the lobster and take out all the meat. This is how its done. Cut the meat in to smaller pieces. Por oil in to a saucepan a heat to medium. Add  garlic then add the lobster meat for about a minute. Add wine and stir for about 3min. Then add the tomatoes and cream and stir gently for about 10 min until the tomatoes are soft and the sauce is beginning to thicken. Taste with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, boil the pasta in lots of water and salt until its al dente. Mix with the lobster sauce. Add more salt and pepper. Top with fuck loads of grated parmesan (do it with a cheese slicer for flakes its so much fancier) and fresh basil.


Decorate the table with lots of flowers i know said it before but important bought the last amaryllis for this year bye bye red


For dessert you can do this almond cake with salty caramel and raspberries. Did this cake for MAT MAGASINET and Dansukker. You can find the recipe here




Christmas brekkie doesn’t have to be Christmas porridge and ham sandwich you can eat saffron croissants and greek cherry oats for Christmas brunch instead!!

Guntherska Hovkonditoriet in Uppsala makes an amaze saffron croissant but since you might not wanna fuzz with making your own croissants when someone can fuzz for you you can buy plane ones and flavor the majo with saffron instead this is what you need:

Handful of nice shrimps

1 croissant

0.5 dl majo 

0.25 g saffron 

1 egg 

0.5 red onion 

0.5 lemon 

Dill for garnish 

Salt + pepper

Boil the egg for 6 min. Mix majo and saffron. Add some lemon juice. Slice the croissant and butter it with majo and the sliced egg. Add shrimps. Top with chopped red onion. Salt and pepper. Garnish with lemon and dill.

mutad rus.jpg

This is an updated version of the traditional rice pudding greek yoghurt and black cherries adds freshness and the almond some awesome crunch this is what you need:

1 pkg Christmas porridge 

2 dl greek yoghurt 

2 dl cherries

1 msk vanilla 

1 dl roasted almond 

Maple syrup or honey 

Mix the cold porridge with the yoghurt. Taste with vanilla. Pour into small bowls and top with cherries and chopped almonds. Drizzle with syrup or honey.


The day before the day we always celebrate with Lobster and bubbles like best things in life there actually there were more than one lobster in the fairytale of Jesus

nyarsmat85re copy

But first things first before anything else we hang the Christmas tree while drinking bubbles and eating potato chips with smetana and the best roe (löjrom in Swedish remember that) this is like the best snack in the world promise you find Tastelines pic and recipe here


One bottle for us one bottle for the Christmas tree!!


There is no Christmas without fresh flowers in love with amaryllis also bought white tulips and eucalyptus so pretty together


The beauties are topped with quite a lot garlic butter with herbs thats melts in the oven and just make the lobster meat so so tender


Can´t get enough of them queen of flowers so majestic!!


Collect wine when out traveling it´s so luxurious to drink at times as these and remember nice stuff this white one we tried in Napa Valley this summer during a spectacular wine tour at Sterling even got to keep the Riedel glasses!!


Eat these divine little creatures with fries and an creamy avocado salad and don´t forget the bubbles important now Christmas eve can arrive


Since Sara collect seafood stuff we had to bring home this Christmas lobster from San Francisco to out Christmas tree!!


No one want to stand in the kitchen all Christmas so don´t do everything it will be amazing anyways instead of doing a fancy as fuck dessert you can homemade or bought sweets we did Pehrs rocky road with licorice dumle, pistachios, peanut and raspberry gelés and it was all one can wish for you find the recipe here thank you Pehr!!