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Summer food for me is fresh stuff you wanna eat even though the sun is burning lots of green stuff that can be found in the garden and most important of all – really easy to make when you wanna spend time outdoors!!

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This is and always have been one of my fav starters snacks or light lunches just fry a slice of bread (I prefer white bread for this) in butter and top with Skagen lemon and dill. If you wanna be fancy as fuck a spoon on roe is to die for!!


Grenens are like art right?!

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Salads don´t have to be boring this one with noodles dressed in sesame dressing fried shrimps creamy egg smooth avocado peppery radishes spicy cilantro and popping giant roe has everything!!

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Toast is my savior not only because Andreas makes  lot of sourdough but also because you can toast basically everything this one is a classic one with beets and goat cheese but i also have a new fav kombo – kimchi and Västerbotten cheese!!

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I do this all the time for whatever occasion just drizzle a burrata (best cheese in the world its a buffel mozzarella filled with a mixture of cheese and cream) but ordinary mozzarella is also OK  drizzle with good olive oil (my favorite right now is Zetas smoked olive oil mixed with some fresh lemon juice) and sprinkle with sea salt. Ass some fresh herbs to make it look fussy I use my red basil a lot to impress but actually it cost me 15kr on ICA!!

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Did you know that there are so many flowers that are eatable and perfect in salads, flavoring water, drinks or making cakes?!

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You don´t have to make desserts for having friends over I usually make pralines instead if I have the time because I like it so much more and also Im usually pretty full after dinner but still want something sweet for coffee!!

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If don´t have the time I just buy ice cream so that everyone can choose their own ice lolly (glassbåtar forever) and be happy everyone loves reliving the Glassbil promise!!

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Short post about summer eats in Skåne before going on vacay first its the best ice cream ever from Lilla Glassfabriken Saffron (crazy good must try) and rom raisin because that an must always Im the oldest young woman in the world  I know!!

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Make picknick or bring easy peasy fast food and dine in Lund Botanical  I made it kind of my own garden its so exciting to visit every week and see what has happened since last time hehe flower nerd yes!!

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Usually bring falafel ofc because its like the national dish of Malmö although i prefer Kebab vagnens in Lund hehe with red cabbage slaw halloumi loads of mango sauce and extra garlic majo bring napkins tips!!

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June been sooo hot alost like being in the mediterranean sea!!

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More ice cream banana chocolate from Lommas glassfabrik afterwards we took summers first swim really tasted like frozen banana no artificial stuff there!!

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Pretending to still be in Rome vine bars are the best (and bubbles)!! Lénoteca in Malmö is one oft the nicest vine bars I know remember to order the plum olives they are to die for and sea salt crisps always crisps when bubbeling!!

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When I don´t know what to do I just walk along all the small streets of Lund and dream about where I would live and which color my hollyhocks would have!!

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And they say that in Italy they eat a lot of Napoli style pizza bianca just tryin to stay real hehe!! If you haven´t visited La Cucina in Lund you have to ask for their Marinara with giant moules scampi tuna mozzarella and parsley but make sure to order its as a white pizza without tomato sauce its makes all the difference promise!!




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Midsummer coming up at this is some tips on what you could eat also you can drink this rhubarb bellini just mix rhubarb lemonade and sparkling wine and garnish with rhubarb strawberries or whatever!!

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World simplest appetizer just boil or fry asparagus topp with burrata or mozzarella and drizzle smoked olive oil and sea salt summer on a plate!!

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Or you can serve it as a little salad with anchovy capers sage and fried sourdough!!

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Not much for weird food good one is better so when i want to make something a little bit odd I dos this swedish makis smoked salmon filled with cream cheese horseradish and cloudberry jam topped with roasted seeds or pines!!

Skärmavbild 2018-06-11 kl. 10.12.00


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Easy snacking artichokes and arugula dressed in parmesan lemon olive oil and rose pepper!!

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This is my best life hack Midsummer pizza butter dough with smetana new potatoes roe red onion dill and lemon eat with bubbles or beer and you will die!!

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Think you should use rhubarb in everything right now especially as dessert!!

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Also don´t forget to make some kind of night food it don´t have to be something fuzzy grilling hot dogs or something like this veggie burger is perfect really want to spread the word about anammas new patty that is so easy to shape!! Just added some salt pepper and smokey bbq sauce and squeezed it in a buttery brioche bun topped with hot melt cheese pineapple roasted onion and sticky teriyaki!! In green genius we trust!!



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Looking for green lunch spots in central Stockholm? If you haven’t been to Sally you should go!! Everything just taste and feels good for you I usually don´t like that but in this case its in a really tasty not to healthy boring way!!

20158299_10211457121197914_2066407763_n copy (1)

Also they have cakes thats not just dates and other raw stuff!! BUTTER I LOVE YOU!!


More green lunch tips this is Snickarbacken which serves beautiful green dishes like this noodle salad with shrimps and fuck loads of crisp greens on plates we wanna steel really love the almost moldy structure


Oat milk cappu forever when we get plenty of time over in our lives we will learn how to make foamed milk hearts


And rustic pastries with finess (and lots of custard and cream to everything) less fuzz is always better when it comes to FIKA!!






Need some nice place to visit during the summer? Guess what we know some awesome sunny eats!! For an example you NEED to visit Rosendals Garden when in Stockholm!! (PS. eat the carrot cake expensive yes but oh so much frosting just the way we like it)


They are like food decoration jedis also want to have a garden where you can eat everything just look at the roses on this cardamon cake!!


Uppsala Library hides this little summer gem where you can eat grilled sourdough with halloumi and avocado

skagen (1)

And in the botanical garden they have another kafé that haves awesome lunches don´t miss the Skagen mäckish with truffle and the mazarin cake!!


In our other hometown Lund you can eat great ice cream in all imaginable flavors if you take the bike to Lomma Beach


Ocean we love u

Smörgås (1)

Bergianska Garden is so fantastic could spend hour in this huge park bring some picnic or visit the cute green house for some green sandwiches just look at this one with feta creme artichoke beet sprouts and pumpkin seeds


Green houses makes the best cafés almost like light churches!!

casual2 copy

Fell in love with double cheese burgers in the US and Casuals buttery brioche filled with juicy meat is the best we found so far in Skåne


Do you have any secret summer gems? Tell us!!

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OK so if you wonder about all the Italian food lately we went to Rome to celebrate our anniversary!! First lunch was at Fontana de Trevi lemony ravioli with cheese and pistachios bubbles ofc what did you think were on vacay baby!!

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As if not full enough we had tiramisu because its the only desert Sara truly love!!  Mascarpone, espresso, marsala, cacao.. It means drag me up if you did not know!!

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Deep fried is always good we had fried zucchini blossoms (you have to try!!) and fried risotto balls stuffed with tomato and cheeeeeeese!! Also loads of red wine because wine is cheap as fuck in Rome. Tips!!

Skärmavbild 2018-05-16 kl. 14.34.13

Very late because that how real Italianos do it we had this pizza bianca with zucchini blossoms and salsiccia around Ai Marmis long tables of marmor filled with locals that made us feel very cool!!

Skärmavbild 2018-05-16 kl. 14.34.25

Like so cool you can only be when shopping Italian vintage stuff!! Really recommend to stroll in hipstery Monti!!

Skärmavbild 2018-05-16 kl. 14.35.01

After shopping fueling with aperolz, negroni and a white pizza stuffed with breasola on a downtown deli store!!

Skärmavbild 2018-05-16 kl. 14.35.11

Had risotto at La Scala that tasted like the ocean!! Love squids they are such cool little creatures!! Who needs super natural stuff when these little fellows are swimming our oceans?!

Skärmavbild 2018-05-16 kl. 14.35.20

Then we started the big burrata hunt!! Burrata is a mozzarella filled with cream that is like the best thing you could imagine!! If you add truffle is like twice dead.

Skärmavbild 2018-05-16 kl. 14.35.31

This is how bf looks like after gfs burrata hunting!!

Skärmavbild 2018-05-16 kl. 14.35.43

More burrata!! Moving here!!

Skärmavbild 2018-05-16 kl. 14.35.53

Choosing ice cream is like impossible. Had six flavors before we were done. Cherry and pine nut was the best!! Also the vegan pistachio and dark chocolate was amaze actually!!

Skärmavbild 2018-05-16 kl. 14.36.05

There was so many beautiful food stores. Tasted a whole grilled pig in this salumeria that was like butter!! Also grab their stuffed pizzas!! Anchovy mozzarella was the best!!

Skärmavbild 2018-05-16 kl. 14.36.17

A must have whenever in Italy truffle pasta with to much butter parmesan and black pepper go to Maccheroni they have a really cool live kitchen!! EAT PRAY LOVE KIDS!!


Skärmavbild 2018-06-13 kl. 13.15.21

Hope you kids had a amaze easter with to much food bubbles and candy we certainly  did thank you so much for all the food family Åström it was amazing!! This västerbotten cheese creme brulee topped with roe and scallions that was out of this world!!

Skärmavbild 2018-06-13 kl. 13.15.33

And these little baskets with gratinated brie and cloudberry jam yes please!!

Skärmavbild 2018-04-03 kl. 15.18.49

For example we had these Swedish flatbreads filled with spinach and salmon topped with radishes and asparagus love the colors!!

Skärmavbild 2018-04-03 kl. 15.20.36

And  these gem salads with mango shrimps and pickled onions!!



Skärmavbild 2018-04-03 kl. 15.21.39

And this beautiful salad with maché radishes asparagus fennel and roasted almonds!!

Skärmavbild 2018-04-03 kl. 15.15.56

And more flatbread tunnbröd we love you with cream cheese salmon wasabi and peppery cress really think that easter food is the best its so much seafood fish greens and citrus fresh stuff for the win!!


Is there anything better than springs first sun and coffee?! Longing so much!!


Craving stuff that tastes like sunny times this is a white chocolate almond biskvie with butter lemon cream inside!!

Skärmavbild 2018-06-12 kl. 23.43.16

Brought home some sunshine!!