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Finally tick off publishing my own cookbook from my list of life goals its called Moffigt Goffigt och Alldeles Vegetariskt and contains cheap easy and above all sooo fucking good green food also thanks to my kick ass friend Ida for making my potrait dream of being a street food venus finally come true so happy that so many of you already ordered it you do it by dm or email!!


Yes long time ago now but well life happens and better late than never anyways some months ago we visited Daniel Berlins Michelin restaurant in Tranås!!


We where seated together in a private dining room where just lovely table settings!!


Frozen Ingrid Marie as one of the starters tried to eat the apple too but apparently that was just for show and brain freeze!!


Everything  about the courses was art!!


Local goose liver rolled in spices!!


Canapes with raw yellow chanterelles cherries and fallow deer heart!!


Also had this reconstructed pearl hen eggs that where just amazing. Filled with rutabaga and roasted fermented wheat!!


Some broth that I no longer recall the flavors of!!

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 Crustad with a rose of Linderödslardo (pig fat that is) mustard grains and quail egg had like  two more main courses and two desserts but by then we were to blown away to take any more photos although there are some mobile shots on instagram if you wanna check them out otherwise just go and experience the magic for youreself!!

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Easter is coming up so I put together a couple of meatless dishes that I love that you could take inspiration for if you need but first just mix rhubarb lemonade with bubbles and decorate with a rhubarb swirl or strawberries and you have a rhubarb bellini!!

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 This is swedish sashimi made of smoked salmon filled with smetana mixed with cloudberry jam and topped with roasted sunflower seeds sound weird but you will understand when eating it promise!!


Gem salad filled with mango avocado and shrimps marinated in lime cilantro ginger and sesame oil!!

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More snacks flatbread with cream cheese mixed with wasabi radish smoked salmon and cress!!

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You will eat herring my fav is this mix of matjes creamy egg pickled onion dill and loads of browned butter just top with sour cream and its done!!

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Everybody loves toast skagen this one have egg and truffle oil in it!

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Sharing pizza bianco with new potatoes smetana roe red onion dill and roe!!

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Why not serve a asian noodle salad with fuck loads of crisp colorful greens and shrimps in a spicy dressing?!

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Eat more green dishes like this very springy risotto with peas asparagus goat cheese and mint no one will miss the meatballs promise!!

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New potatoes is the thing make it with peppery radishes grated västerbotten cheese lemon and dill and serve with cured salmon and roe smetana!!

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Then you can put all leftovers in one big pan and make a omelette with some saffron in the egg mix fry it squeeze lemon juice over it all and lunch is served!!

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Less jelly and more red berry pie with rhubarb white chocolate and coconut!!






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Don´t really now how it happened but somehow I´ve managed to make my own digital cooking publication that’s going to be released this spring HURRAY (you can pre-order it already now by email!!). The cookbook is in Swedish and called Moffigt Goffigt och Alldeles Vegetariskt and is bristling with green cheap easy peasy and most importantly so good you can die vegetarian and vegan food. The goal with the book is to prove that green food don’t have to be time demanding expensive or healthy in a boring way. We all love fried majo and extra melted cheese right?! You can order it already now by emailing your name and phone to The publication have no fixed price instead you decide what it’s worth to you. Remember the best green food is the green food that actually gets cooked and eaten important yes!!

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Yes Sweden this time of the year is fifty shades of grey thats why this post will be about weekend treats to bring some sunshine it to ones life until spring and new sneakers arrives!!


Have to much wine sleep for to long and make breakfast in bed no need to make something fancy just something you really like me Im not much for pretty akacia bowls with rainbow colored lines of seeds and dried fruits no Im more of a carbs and melt cheese kind of a girl this one is a sourdough bun that i found in the freezer and fried in butter leftover aged cheese onion pickled in red beet because my love is the king of pickles roasted sesam seeds because I always have roasted seeds on nuts on everything to get some crunch bengal mango chutney to get it kickin strong coffee and your ready!!

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Nothing makes me happier than seeing things grow or evolve from one day to another the elusiveness of life gets me everytime right now Im so in love with the vase we bought in Marocko that are constantly filled with branches of cherry from As grandmothers garden!! Fresh flower might feel expensive but really they are so worth one or two beers nothing feels more luxurious than bringing home a bouquet of flowers in your home before the weekend!!

Skärmavbild 2019-02-21 kl. 10.45.45


The sound of humming coffee machines the smell of butter and lighted candles everywhere bring someone you love or your best book and just chillax with a sinful cake and a oatly cappu with some fancy as fuck milk art on it you deserve it!!



The best thing with being surrounded with places and people that makes kick ass food is that you dont have to cook everything all the time for your self right?! Our local pizzeria is THE PIZZERIA and these pizza biancas with gorgonzola and pear and scampi, moules and tuna is THE PIZZAS!!

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I barely never eat or make dessert so that why its feel like real festive to now and then make or buy something really pretty to finish of the dinner with and yes a pink valentines semla might feel a little bit heavy after a full dinner but since Im not much for fresh dessert I dont care much rather feel like pretty please with cream on top!!

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For me its all about the contrast cooking a lot of cheap plant based food treasuring leftovers eat a lot of low key street food and then on special occasion go to a fancy restaurant that I really want to visit drink bubbles and eat exactly what I want to last time we visited amazing Mutantur and had this tartar and loads of other treats!!

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Yes ofc you can cook something for or with someone you like as well but just having the time to go to the market buy everything that looks good put on some good music maybe pour a glas of half cheap wine and cook helluva dinner one of my fav when I get the chance to make whatever I want is pizza bianca with smetana potatoes red onion roe dill black pepper and lemon with that (although mostly before because the glass of wine before dinner is my absolute fav glass of wine) I drink dry bubbles or buttery white!!



Treating someone you love I think is one of the most precious thing you can do with your time since time is the thing we got least of in our busy everyday life what you wanna do is ofc very personal maybe you wanna go for a cosy brunch maybe you wanna go to a spa maybe you wanna take a long walk in the woods maybe you wanna buy take home thai and eat in the sofa treating yourself and people around you is all about feeling what your body and mind need and want to do so listen to yourself please anyways what we did last weekend was to spend all Sunday afternoon on Grand Hotels afternoon tea munching English delis drinking tea and sipping champagne and it was so very special!!


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Yes were back in Skåne and yes falafel for 30 pix on Kebabvagnen on Mårtenstorget in Lund (they make the best falafel well Im not really a fan of the ordinary and a little bit dry liba bread most falafel places rock but well the falafel greens cabbage salad pickles mango sauce garlic majo and your choice of fried cheese IS the best so I go there always anyways) although this time I had to try their new Potatisbullerulle yes its so fun to say fast three times in a row I know!! Almost pissed my pants because I was so afraid I would regret not taking my standard falafel for the rest of my life  but I did it for science so that I now can tell you kids thats yes its the same potato pattys that you got in school but deep fried yes it comes with all the falafelstuff red cabbage fake feta (which is so much better then the real stuff) spicy sauce and xtra garlic majo always and yes it was fucking tasty!!

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Also had to walk all the narrow cobblestones streets with beautiful Skåne houses and sweet flower shops crave right now is color flowers and spring!!

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Hehe and chääz ofc always I love this store and the ways they almost decorate the place with their food also I would really want those neon letters in my kitchen when i get a big one completely in tiles because cheese really is the only true religion and the foundation for all human culture!!

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Since my middle name is Maja Gräddnos Im so happy that we live just a short walk away from Sweden best Semlor Broder Jakobs is the name of the place and they just nails a fluffy cardamon infused bun loads of crunchy almond paste and just the right proportion of really softly whipped cream which a pinch of sugar!!

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Being home also means free access so our own bar drink cabinet and there nothing thats makes the everyday feel more luxurious than a post yoga weekday drink just because you can!!

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If Fridays dont contain pizza bianca from La Cucina Lund its not really Friday at all this one with pear mozzarella and gorgonzola was the first one we tried and the last we ate so its been with us for more than 2 years now thats a good pizza!!



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So right after sunny Marrakesh we went to snowy Åre in north of Sweden which Ive been going yearly since I was a baby and really love for sentimental reasons!!

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This time at the season the higher zones of Åre Skutan are closed so we were so happy that it dumped a lot f snow so we could have nice rides anyways and yes this is how I look when its really cold (also i have bats in my Hestra gloves that keeps them warm at all times how cool am I)

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Important to keep warm with hot choco butter and carbs or as we say in Swedish “styrketår för rumpa och lår!!”

skärmavbild 2019-01-23 kl. 12.42.58

My man and his disco-mustache!!

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To celebrate that mys sis turned 25 we visited Marcus Aujalays  Fjällpuben I had a magic reindeer Rydberg with the classic sides fried potato beer braised onion eggyolk and mustard creme!!

skärmavbild 2019-01-23 kl. 12.43.11

Because I will dream about livin in The Grand Budapest Hotel forever!!

skärmavbild 2019-01-23 kl. 12.43.37

Important with fat otherwise you will start freezing also FYI Kafferosteriet in Åre serves the best coffee in Sweden its true they won a lot of prices for it!!

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Ended our trip by going to Åre Chocolate  say these two flavors are the best because they feel most local and also they have that little wacky twist without just getting strange!!